Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Not Peter O'Toole, though I liked him very much, particularly in Becket, nor Joan Fontaine.  No, my microwave died Monday night.  It gave us 10 good years of service, other than the handle falling off a couple of times---I tend to yank instead of pull and we were really sorry to see it go.  It went with a small pop and that was it.  Mac says that he could probably get the part that blew, but the thing is old and its finish doesn't match the rest of the appliances so I said no, let it go in peace.
  It's an over the range microwave and when we put it in we were more concerned with the dimensions matching our opening than we were with what it could cook.  Now after ten years I know exactly what I need in a microwave, in addition to fitting in the opening.  It must be able to pop popcorn, reheat coffee and cook potatoes, that's it, anything else is a bonus. Oh, and it has to have stainless steel finish to match the rest of my appliances and most importantly  it had to be available immediately, none of this, we'll deliver in a week or so.
Bright and early, and way too cold, yesterday morning we were off, to the post office to drop off the last Christmas box, to Goodwill to drop off a donation, to a local shop that carries Mac's paintings---he'd sold one and had money waiting, then to Home Depot.  They had a ton of microwaves, lots in stainless steel and at prices that didn't make me gag, I mean, how much are you willing to pay to pop popcorn, and one model was actually in stock, we took it!
Mac has it setting up out in the garage, we need to remove the old one before putting the new one in.  We installed the old one all those years ago and Mac was sure that though the new one weighs 65 pounds we'd still be able to get the new one in.  I'm not so sure, I told him that though he's not a little, old lady that I am.  So he called our friend and he'll be over tomorrow  to help Mac, so I can do little, old lady things instead.


  1. Ten years is a very impressive age for a microwave. May s/he rest in peace.

  2. Sounds like the I deal microware. My first one was huge and lasted 10 our little retirement cottage, I went for the smaller size. It does every think perfect but popcorn. It just isn't big enough for those micro bags. Oh well, you can't have everything. HaHa


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