Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Do You See What I See?

Before I even get going I want to say that it is my considered opinion that men and women represent 2 completely different species that can mate and reproduce young, they're not the same animal and are in no way related.
Case in point, Mac and I went Christmas tree shopping today.  At no time did we agree on a tree, no matter what one saw the other could not see.  I saw one as full, he saw it as scrawny, the one he liked I thought was skinny.  Finally we compromised, we bought the one he liked and I told him I'd hold him directly accountable if the branches did unfold in a way to make me happy----I'm very serious about my Christmas tree.
Then we brought it in, set it up and had to decide whether we had it straight or not.  He declared that my opinion was invalid because I'm blind and have no depth perception.  Can't really argue that so again I gave in.
But tomorrow the decorating begins and it will just be me and the cat and she always agrees with me, after all she's female too.


  1. Well, it looks very nice to me and to Sirius cat, who's sitting on my knee. 4

  2. To me it's leaning a little bit... ;) I'll be keeping to my small artificial tree which I can bend whichever way I want! LOL


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