Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Presents

My family knows me well and my presents fit me perfectly, no,  not clothes, I never want clothes.  No, I got rather more exciting gifts.  I got a cannon that really fires black powder.  I've always wanted a cannon, not exactly sure why, it just appeals to the pyromaniac in me.  Mac needs to get me some fuses and then I'm good to go.
Another very appropriate gift was a Bugs Bunny,  complete with tuxedo and white collar.  Why Bugs you say, well everything I know about classical music I learned from watching Bugs Bunny cartoons.  So Mac got a Bugs Bunny and he made the tux with tails, it is just too cute.

My daughter gave me many wonderful gifts too, but of course remembered I needed a small Godzilla, my hero.
I've been busy undecorating the house, hate to see it all go, but it's time.


  1. oh I cant take the decorations down just yet!
    Glad you got lots of lovely presents suited just to you!

  2. What fun and special gifts.

    My Christmas decorations are down, with the exception of my two Nativity Scenes which love so much, I can't bear to take them down just now. Why can't we celebrate the Saviors birth all year long???

    I did leave up the splashes of red, the throw and pillows, and red towel in the kitchen and bathroom.

    Ready for the New Year! Yes!

  3. Can't compete with that - even if one friend did send me a fairy and a unicorn! :)

  4. It's lovely to get such personal gifts; the decorations will stay up here until just into new year, then it's time for a spring clean!

  5. A good selection. Mine were mostly food related; I wonder why!!!

  6. Isn't it lovely when you receive gifts you really want. All my decorations are still up, I usually take them down just before school opens again, so it'll be the weekend when they come down.

  7. Your gifts are WAY better than mine!

    I can just see Bugs directing an orchestra, and playing the grand piano. Just think how much classical music we all absorbed who grew up watching those cartoons! Not just Wagner and Rossini either.... :)

    Here's wishing you and Mac a very Happy New Year.


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