Friday, December 13, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sad to say my gingerbread house did not come together, the icing was sticky, but it wouldn't hold the house together.  Not to worry though, it is now quietly resting in the trash.
This morning I had my semi-annual meeting (if I'm luck and don't have to come in monthly) with Melisandre my dermatologist.  She burned me hither, dither and yon, I don't know about being red and green for Christmas, but I'm definitely some interesting colors.
Yesterday my Christmas binding came in and I was finally able to finish my small Christmas quilt.  Zillions of mistakes, but with each one I make I learn something.
Though I've been accused of putting bows on anything that doesn't move, it was not I who decorated Godzilla for Christmas.  Mac says he must have done it himself in hopes of a saurian Christmas.


  1. Ha Ha...Love your busy decorating. The gingerbread house resting in the garbage is the exact reason why I don't try this. I KNOW mine would end up next to yours.

    Godzilla...looking mighty festive. HaHa.

    I think your quilt is quite lovely and it wouldn't be homemade if it didn't have a few mistakes.

  2. Enjoying your Christmas-y posts! Sorry about the gingerbread house--I'm sure that would happen to me also--I don't do frosting well.
    Pretty fabrics in your bright and happy quilt.


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