Thursday, October 15, 2015


It's a beautiful Fall day here, no the leaves aren't changing color or dropping yet, probably won't till late November, but the acorns are dropping you can hear them hitting cars, houses, the occasional person. Squirrels are busy hiding them everywhere.
 Mac is busy cleaning up the pool for winter, putting up the deck chairs and umbrella, and trimming back my clematis and the Rose of Sharon, both got very leggy this year. Still loads of butterflies flying around, they're mainly interested in the Lantana.  The Ginger Lilies that Mac transplanted earlier are all in bloom and smell like heaven.
Me, well I'm covered in Tacky Glue, paint, thread and other crafty things, I'm just about done with my 12 Days of Christmas gifts.  I should be able to wrap them up this weekend and hopefully they'll be wending their way to Northumberland, UK long before Christmas.
Then it's time for me to join Mac in the yard and get it cleaned up, probably need to mow one more time before we put the lawn mower away for the year.  And woe betide any weed I meet up with.
Ginger Lilies are very invasive and soon take over any area they're in, so we dig them up and start over again.

When I went out to see if Mac was through one of his armored divisions came up to see if I'd brought food for them.  A couple of them started eating mushrooms, hope it doesn't make them silly.


  1. Wow, you are organised with Christmas things! I am no where near that organised yet!!! xx

  2. Your Ginger Lilies sound delightful! I have never heard of them before:)

  3. Sounds as though you and Mac have both been busy:) the little armoured brigade is really cute, I'm surprised that they are so responsive to you and Mac, never thought of turtles being that way.

  4. And ginger lilies are so beautiful! But if they are a pest in your area then they need to be dug up.

  5. You are so organised, please send some of that over to me. The garden needs weeding and winterising and I am only just beginning my Christmas makes. It sounds like you have both been good busy x

  6. Oh, I can just taste your delicious beans with home baked bread! So yummy, indeed. Miss Kitty is so cute sitting in the windows. Lilly sends her meows to her. Have a great weekend!


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