Friday, October 16, 2015

Five on Friday

Beautiful Fall day, hope it lasts forever.  I'm joining with Amy at Love Made My Home for this week's Five on Friday,

First:  There's the corner by my front door.  Love the little scarecrow and it makes me smile when I go to the door.

Second:  It's finally cool enough to have heartier food.  Today it's speckled beans  to which I'll add pork neck bones  Just enough meat to give it flavor.

Third:  The smell of fresh baking bread, is there anything better.  I use a bread machine because it makes my life easier.  I just pour in the ingredients  and it does the rest.  I make honey wheat bread and it's so good it almost tastes like cake.

Fourth:  Miss Kitty loves Fall, all summer she lays around sleeping about 26 hours a day (yes I know there are only 24 hours in a day, but we're talking cat hours).  Then comes Fall and she's on the move.  Yesterday she took out the screen in the backdoor trying to get to a lizard, today she's considering whether she can go through glass to get to another.

Fifth:  I learned that Lima Beans, also known as Butter Beans are poisonous if eaten raw, they contain cyanide.  I knew that kidney beans (read about that in a Felix Francis book)  have to be thoroughly cooked or they can be dangerous, but I didn't know about Lima Beans.  They recommend cooking uncovered and dumping the water .  Notice mine are covered, but then they were already mostly cooked when I started them.

That's my Five, have a good weekend.


  1. Love the scarecrow, gives a lovely warm welcome. I use a bread machine too, its better than shop bought bread and the perfect accompaniment to soup now that Autumn has arrived.

  2. Well, I would like to say that that is five great things, but I am not at all sure about the cyanide in the beans thing!!! So let us make that four good things and one well learned thing! Homemade soup is always the best isn't it, so delicious especially as the seasons change. Thank you as always for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  3. Love your scarecrow. You learn something everyday - I didn't know about the cyanide in those beans. Joan at

  4. Your cat is like my dog, who also enjoys the cooler weather and runs in from outside all full of silliness! Your scarecrow is awfully cute ;) I honestly didn't know that about either of these beans ... good to know! I like making brown beans, but they take navy beans (I wonder if they're the same).

  5. I love your scarecrow. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love your scarecrow. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I found your info about butterbeans very interesting! I've never heard that! Love the scarecrow. Cute cat!

  8. I'm another one who didn't know that butter beans and kidney beans are poisonous! Your scarecrow is very cute and so is Miss Kitty:)

  9. Yikes! I didn't know that about raw limas and kidneys! Thanks!
    Aw, your kitty is super cute. A lizard huntress? WOW!
    Maybe I'll go get my bread maker out of the garage. Cinnamon rolls sound good or French bread.


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