Sunday, October 18, 2015


Another of our fans has died, we have 10 of them and this is the 2nd one to depart.  It's in our bedroom and we really like it, so it took a little while and some review reading before we ordered one.  That's the nice thing about heavy stuff you order, it gets delivered up the stairs to your door and you don't have to carry it.
Our bedroom ceiling isn't too high so putting the new one in won't be too bad.  But it won't be me helping Mac, it'll be a friend of ours.  My days of holding up heavy objects is long gone.  Gone are the days when I'd hold sheetrock on my head while Mac hammered it or I held up wooden fence panels while he worked.  I'm strictly and onlooker now.
The first fan to go out was the one in the family room and the ceiling there is quite high, 18-20 feet and the man we called to install it wanted about 5 times what we'd paid for the fan to put it in.  Our friend helped Mac and its been there for about 5 years now.
The one I worry about is in the living room, the ceiling there is even higher.  There's a burned out light on it and it'll probably stay that way for a while.
I never want ceilings this high again, 10-12 feet maybe, but no higher.
Note the cat in the box behind the fan, she's been supervising the work and is taking a short nap before donning her tool belt and heading back up the ladder to lend a paw.

Bedroom Ceiling

Family room ceiling

Livingroom Ceiling, way, way, too high


  1. Our ceilings are 12 to 16 feet and I hate how high they are. Everything is a problem to fix or paint. I'll never have one higher than 10 foot again.


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