Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday Trials and Tribulations

Woke up late this morning, I mean really late and it was 10 am before we were out the door for our morning walk.  And what to our wondering eyes should appear, no not Santa Claus, but deep ruts driven into our lawn by some idiot in a truck or SUV.  Not just at the edge, but 6 or 7 feet in and the ruts are deep!  They were either drunk or on the cell phone, one being as bad as the other.  They got our neighbor's lawn too, but not as bad as ours.  No pictures, it just made me so mad!!!!
Then we had to get checked into a flight exactly 24 hours in advance, can't pick a seat, just get put into a group and if you're in a group lower than B you're going to have a middle seat.
We don't usually fly cattle-call, and that's what I call it because that's how it feels, but these seats are a freebie.  I feel less than excited about all this.  Traveling is turning into a big pain.
My boarding passes printed easily, but Mac's printer has decided that he put used ink into it and won't print worth a darn---I'm sure there's a special circle in hell reserved for printers.  So I had to print his too.
Wonder what else is in store for us today.


  1. I hope you reported the property damage to the Sheriff...buggers anyway:(

  2. I'd be mad about the damage to your lawn as well! Hope you can avoid getting the middle seat, I hate sitting in the centre seat on planes. Are you going somewhere nice?

  3. Oh, hope you enjoy whereever you are flying to anyway!

  4. Too bad about the ruts in your lawn and frustrating start to your trip. I hope you are able to leave it all behind and enjoy your trip -- wherever you are!

  5. On top of everything else, what is it with printers? Mine is only a year old and I have to beat on it every time I need to print.

  6. Not a good start to a trip. Wiggle into that middle seat, pull out a good book and lose yourself there for a while. I hope your flight isn't too long, and that there is a good holiday at the end of it ;)


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