Tuesday, October 6, 2015


It's Tuesday and I haven't blogged since Friday.  It's not that I don't have anything to say, I always have something to say, just ask anyone who knows me.  But life keeps rearing it's head and dragging me elsewhere.
First we had to drive into Savannah to go for our TSA interview so we'll have any easier time going through security when we fly.  And of course that was the day the heavens opened up and we had to drive through a monsoon on the freeway.  Not a drop fell at our house, but the highways were awash.
Then I was rushing to finish my autumn afghan throw before autumn was over, and YEAH, it's done complete with a black border.  When my daughter saw it on Skype she said it looked like the candy corn you get at Halloween.  It's not huge, but it's long enough to cover me at Happy Hour when I nap---at our age that's what we call Happy Hour, a nap.  It's on the back of my incredibly ugly couch, but that will be taken care of next month, I just know that Salvation Army needs my couch.
As soon as I finished the afghan I started on Christmas projects.  I'm taking part in the Twelve Days of Christmas exchange at Jo's (Through the Keyhole) wonderful blog, so I needed to get busy crafting.
Today it was time for my B-12 shot, in fact it was pass time, should have had it last Friday.  So we hitched up the horses, headed into town, got my shot, got Mac a haircut---he hates getting them, all those years of Army barbers has made him into a long hair fan--then some grocery shopping and a stop at the Dollar Store for Halloween decorations.
And of course there have been our morning walks, my aerobics and cleaning a house that refuses to stay clean.  But that's life.

Thought I'd share a little painting Mac did just for the fun of it, isn't he adorable.


  1. I felt exhausted just reading your post:) love Mac's painting -what fun!

  2. That painting is adorable. I love your blanket, and I agree, it's a little like candy corn to me too. It's perfectly autumnal. :)

  3. That afghan pattern is one I recall from years ago...perfect for October and yes it does remind me of candy corn! The days just keep going faster and faster soon I can just lay in bed:)

  4. I am tired just reading what you are doing.
    No wounder you need your "Happy Hour"
    I used to be do every too but now it is just one thing a day or a few small ones.
    Bummer !
    I like your throw, very festive.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Awww, I love Mac's painting, that's so cute. I'm sure your new blanket will be well used now that autumn's here, and perfect colours too. Thanks for the mention, I think we're all going to have lots of fun with this swap.

  6. I love the colours on your blanket and Mac's super painting.

  7. It sounds as though you have been very busy indeed. Your blanket looks very much like candy corn to me, just right for this time of year! xx

  8. Your afghan does look like candy corn! Perfect for October. And the painting is, too! I've been making a grapevine swag for the fireplace mantle to get into the fall mood, now that it has cooled down a little.

  9. Love Mac's painting! I have a dachshund that gives me that exact same expression. Any your afghan is perfect for fall - I envy those that can crochet or knit and love seeing the gorgeous projects they come up with, it is one craft that just hasn't stuck with me no matter how many people try and teach me.

  10. The afghan with the black border is inspired.
    And I may very well be stealing your "happy hour" idea.

  11. You HAVE been busy! Love the zigzag pattern on your afghan. So cute about 'happy hour'. And Mac's painting is very cute. We used to have a lovely red dachshund when I was a kid ... Skipper! I have another blogging friend who joined up for the same swap. Twelve items sounds like a lot, so I'm glad I missed that one ;) Have a great weekend Janet!


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