Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hasta La Vista Epson

Yesterday on Facebook I said that my Epson (let's be specific) printer was getting ready to take a long flight down a short flight of stairs and today is the day.  I hate that printer, they gave it to me free with my new computer last year and having used it for a year I feel they should have paid me to take it. Read a great little piece about printers at "The Oatmeal" saying that printers were sent from hell to make us miserable and it's true.
They jam, they give cryptic error messages, make horrible prints (either grainy as hell or full of lines), make a racket that sounds like robot mating, break down when you need them the most (when I had to print out boarding passes and had to make a flying trip to the library to do it), refuse to recognize the ink cartridges I bought because they're the cheap ones and not the over-priced name brands that cost more than the computer, and occasionally prints well so I think I should keep it only to discover the next time I need it it's worse than useless.
So hasta la vista Epson, enjoy your trip.


  1. and just where are you going??

  2. No where right now, but the Florida Keys in March.


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