Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29

Dear Neighbors, yes there's more than one of you,
Please note the date, January 29, 2010, Christmas was December 25, 2009, last year.  Take down your Christmas decorations!  One of you put them up the day after Halloween, nearly 3 months ago.  We're not just talking lights here, we're talking big red bows, wreaths, decorated trees, all the sights of Christmas.  Get over it!  Christmas is gone and won't be back for awhile. 
If you can't stand to take it all down turn it into Valentine decorations.  Twist those bright red ribbons into hearts or cupid's arrows.  
I don't want to be a fussy neighbor, I appreciate that you have no kids, your dog hardly barks, you're never home, all the things I like in a neighbor but your Yule tide trimmings have got to go.

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