Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mid-Winter Dreams

Yes I know that technically it's not mid-winter yet, but I can dream.  It's a beautiful day here, highs in the upper 60'd, loads of sunshine and I went puttering in the garden.  Pulled a few weeds, but it's much too muddy to do much of anything but dream.
Winter has been hard on my Southern garden and I'm worried about my Hibiscus  and the Confederate rose.  The lemon tree and orange tree came through fine and the bougainvillea seems to be ok.
Mac planted Fava Beans (an English Broad Bean, but he knows it as a Spanish bean) and they're thriving.
I planted Spanish bluebells last fall and Louisiana iris' s and I waiting to see what happens with them.
In the meantime I'm going to look through my Niche Garden catalog and do some more dreaming.

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