Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Dreams

Cicero said that if you have a garden and a library that you have all that you need, and for me that's true.
Though this winter has been hard on my garden and many plants are burned from the freezes we've had.  But strangely enough plants you'd think would suffer in the cold do not.  My roses are thriving, Mac cuts some for me nearly every day, the Asparagus ferns look bright and green,  my Camelia is covered in buds and getting ready to bloom, and to say nothing of the Pansies who don't care how cold it gets.   There is ice in the pool but  I'm hopeful that soon I'll be working in my garden.

As for my  library is grows daily to the regret of my credit card and the delight of Amazon.  I just finished an incredible book called The Children's Book by A.S. Byatt an English author.  I've read nearly all of her books and she never fails to impress me.  Her use of language is phenomenal.  I don't race through her books like some I read I savor them.    They make me think, go look things up, and think some more.  In contrast, I'm now reading a collection of Stephan Kings's short stories, Just After Sunset,  another author I've read nearly all of.  He scares me, always has,  and because we're of an age his details are things I identify with: the music, the movies, events.
Next on my list to read is The Cranford Chronicles, we watched this series on DVD and I knew I had to read the book they were based on.
So as winter lumbers on, I have dreams.

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