Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hunting Down the Ancestors

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to track down our  family histories and I've made a start on it.  I've been able to trace parts of my Father's family back to Maryland in the 1700's.  Finding information on my Mother's family and Mac's has been harder.  My Mother's family was in Oklahoma and Arkansas in the late 1800's and there aren't a lot of records from then.  Her family, both sides originally came from Ireland so I'll have to do some searching there, and they had such a common Irish name, Kennedy, that it's going to be difficult.  The Andersons also came from Ireland, but I think they lived somewhere in the South before Oklahoma.  I'm trying to find my Great Grandmother's maiden name, but no luck so far, all I know is the first, Lizzie. My Great Grandfather was Richard Anderson.
Mac's family, both sides,  emigrated from Spain to Hawaii and I may have to search immigration records for Hawaii and San Francisco to find out more names.  His Mother's family came from Macotera, Spain and his Father's family from near Huelva, Spain.  I know his Mother's parents, names, Maria Campos and Sebastian Hernandez, but I can't find his other Grandparent's names.
I have sent an SOS on Facebook and some of our cousins and a friend are trying to help find Mac's Grandfather's name.  It's scary how quickly names get forgotten in a family.  I'm betting that most of Mac's family doesn't even know that their Dad had a sister named Isabel.  I found a picture of her one time and Mac's Mom said that was who it was, but she had married a Puerto Rican (their family was Spanish and very proud) and basically had been cast out of the family.
So I want to put a family history together that I can share with both our families and our daughter.  I feel like Sherlock Holmes, no telling what I'll turn up.


  1. I didn't know that Anderson was your maiden name. This sounds interesting, and I bet with Mac being the the guy he is, you turn up something VERY interesting!!

  2. No, my maiden name was Strader, my mother's maiden name was Kennedy and my Grandmother's maiden name was Anderson.


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