Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union Response

I feel it necessary to give a response to last night's State of the Union Address.
So jobs are going to be the # 1 priority in '010, that's nice, they  should have been priority #1 in '09 and maybe the jobless rate wouldn't be standing at better than 10%.  Empty promises do no one any good.
Making big banks and Wall Street the bad guys is not the answer, nearly everyone has money in Wall Street either through personal accounts, 401's, pension accounts, etc.  So when he attacks these institutions and markets decline because they don't know what he may do we all suffer.
If he taxes the big banks they'll do one of two things, make fewer loans or pass the cost on to us, either way we lose.
He says there will be transparency in government but he's had a year to do that and he hasn't and he won't.
He said that all the combat troops would be out of Iraq by this August, but he failed to say that he's leaving 10's of thousands support troops there.
Though the Republicans are a stubborn, cantankerous  group he could have found a way to work with them or at least convince people that it was their fault.  Bill Clinton managed to do that, but for some reason he doesn't seem to either want to or be able to.
I don't want the Republicans to get smug, they have nothing to be smug about, I don't want the Democrats to continue with business as usual, that's not going to fly, and most of all I want the President to realize that he's not just the President of the large, liberal cities, but rather President of all the areas in between.

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