Monday, January 18, 2010

Every Family Has One Part Two

I have been working hard on our family genealogy since New Years, looking into both mine and Mac's families.
I've had a lot of help from Mac's cousins Bill and Terri, a friend, Pat Navarro,   and most of all from  his cousin Isabel who really came through, making lots of phone calls on my behalf.
But one person who could have helped, but didn't, was Mac's older brother, who shall be nameless,
though  Mac's younger brother says, "Once an a*****e always and a*****e".
Cousin Isabel called h
im to ask if he could make copies of some newspaper articles about their Father for us, she had given him the articles originally, and naively thought he would be happy to share them with us.  He said no, he wouldn't do it.  Isabel says she's saying prayers he'll change his mind, but I'm not holding my breath.
Actually, we already have the articles, Mac's Mom had sent them to us, so the only person he's hurting with his attitude is himself.
The research has been great fun, when I get it done I'll share it with the family or with most of the family. So far in addition to finding family members on census rolls,  I've found the passenger list where Mac's maternal grandparents came to the States from Spain, I've traced parts of my Dad's family back to the 1700's in Virginia and I'm working on my Okie/Indian connections.
Mac's Dad's family remains the most elusive, but Mac is going to contact a cousin on the Gutierrez side and we're hopeful.
So though Dr.Evil may plot against us the research goes on.

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