Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey Buddy Can You Spare a Dime?

While sitting in a local dance club a couple of weeks ago a generic looking blonde came up to us, gave me a big  hug and said, "Haven't seen you since the Cavalier."  Well we had no idea who she was, but Southern etiquette requires you to respond in kind, so I said, "Well they did burn it down, so here we are, how have you been?"  And she proceeded to tell us that she was involved with the old owners of the Cavalier and they were in the process of opening a new club, should be open in about 8 weeks.  We thought that was great, told her that if they needed any help to let us know because Mac had done a lot of paintings for the old place.  She left, with us being none the wiser as to who she was and we forgot about it.
Then last Friday night she showed up again, with her significant other in tow, whispered to me that she had forgotten our names, which I'm sure she had never known, introduced us and they began talking about the new club, what they were going to do, how they would run it, the bands they'd have, except for one little thing, they needed $35,000 that they would pay back in 6 months as 10% interest.  We were gobsmacked!  I mean we didn't know these folks from Adam. And worse, they wouldn't go away which really put a drag on our dancing, needless to say we left early.
Next day we called our friend Mike, told him he'd have to dig up the can of cash in the backyard because we were going into business with 2 people we'd never met before but would be making us a lot of money.  After the laughter we decided that the old maxim is true, it definitely takes all kinds.

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