Monday, January 25, 2010


In a fit of madness, or just a moment of deciding my daughter April was right, I started to do something about our library.
Each time she comes she asks,"How do you find anything?", and truth be told, we can't find anything.  Frequently we buy books we already own.  
So with a prayer to Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategic battles,  I headed upstairs where our books are spread over 3 rooms, 6 bookcases and 2 closets.  I felt not unlike Hercules trying to clean out the Augean Stables. 
First I had to decided how to sort them, the simplest being by author, and that's what I'm doing, at least for the fiction.  Now that doesn't mean they'll be in alphabetical order, that's too much moving.  But all of Jane Austen will be together even if she's next to all of the Stephan King.
For the nonfiction, which actually makes up most of our library, it will be by subject matter, i.e.  travel, food, customs, folklore, antiques, history.  This should only take me about a month or two. 
So all you librarians, and almost librarians, say a prayer for me.

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