Thursday, February 4, 2010

Healthy People

I want to show you the medicine drawer of a couple of healthy people.  These are the medications we take every day and some of them  occasionally.  It makes me wonder what medication looks like for people in ill health.
Mac and I are busy people, not sedentary, we travel, go dancing, garden, and just enjoy living, and yet it seems we have to take all kinds of medication.  I didn't even show you the cupboard full of medications that were prescribed, didn't work or made us sick, and we don't know how to dispose of-sorry about ending with a preposition.
I watch commercials on t.v. for all sorts of medications for things people should just live with, but instead they're encouraged to talk to their doctor about more medication.  I never ask for more medications when I see my Doctor and always encourage him to give me less of what I'm taking.  He's pretty good, not a real pill pusher like some doctors.  
Would I be less healthy if I didn't take all these medications?  Who knows, at least I wouldn't worry about whether I'd taken my pill or not.

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