Thursday, February 25, 2010

Springlike Symptoms

This time of year is such a tease, warm springlike days, and then hard freezes at night.  I long for the softness of  spring.  While  working in the garden earlier this week I noticed that in addition to all my Spanish Bluebells that are coming up nicely (please bloom), that one of my purple Hyacinths is ready to open.  They are so pretty and last so long I always end up planting more of them.
We're going today to buy more lumber to make another raised bed.  Much of our plantings is done in raised beds because our water table is so high, we basically live in a swamp.  This bed will be an extension of Mac's vegetable garden with one end stepped up for me to plant more roses, climbers mainly.  I love roses and to quote Abraham Lincoln , "We can mourn 
that roses have thorns or rejoice that thorn bushes have roses".   I rejoice.
The freesias under the oak tree  are covered in "budlets"....have no idea what to call them, and are just waiting for a warm day to open.  The longer hours of sunlight say it's time, but the cold nights warn them to wait a bit.  They're usually our first bulbs to bloom, but this year it looks like the Hyacinths  may  beat them, and quite possibly the Daffodils as well for they are nearly ready to open.
I long for a long warm spring day where  I can start adding more plants to my  garden. What I fear is that we're going to have a long cold to cool spring and go directly into summer.  And summers in Georgia are a sight to behold.

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