Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Yes, yes I do have a soft side and I'll be talking about that today.  For I have been in search of soft pillows that will keep their shape.    Mac and pillows are like, as the country song goes, beer and gasoline, a dangerous mix.  He ties his pillows in knots, one now resembles a cross between a Disney mushroom and a Celtic cross.  This makes fitting them back into a pillowcase neigh on impossible.
For years I've bought cheap pillow of all kinds, cotton, feather  and foam, figuring that as he destroyed them I'd just replace them, much easier doing that then retraining a husband.  But today I went reading pillow reviews, really dynamic reading, found some with 5 star ratings that I wouldn't have to sell one of our cars to buy and ordered a pair of them.  If these pass the husband test I'll get more.

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