Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Cottage in the Country

In the English countryside that is.  Our trip to England is booked, we think the seats have been sorted out and now I must find us a place to stay.  Normally when we go we rent a cottage, and for the last half dozen times we've gone we've stayed in the Cotswolds and that's probably where we'll stay again.  Beautiful part of the country, decent weather, nice people, lots to see and do.
We've stayed in a number of interesting places:  a 17th century mill in Somerset, a thatched cottage in Devon, another thatched cottage in Wiltshire, a converted cowbarn in Shrophire, a half-timbered cottage in Shropshire, and a brick cottage on a horse farm near Stratford on Avon among other.
All of them were wonderful in their own way.  Staying in a cottage is so much better than a hotel room.  Most motels, and  that's what we stay in when we need a place just for a night or so, cost about a $100 and you can rent a cottage for about that much too, so the choice is easy, that is, it's easy choosing cottage over motel, but it's not easy picking which cottage.

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  1. Hello Janet,

    Enjoy your trip to England. I would recommend you to listen to this song to get into the vibe of England: It is my favourite song and your trip remembered me of it.



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