Monday, February 15, 2010

Delta, Delta, Delta ...

I'd hate to think that Delta is in the business of hiring the incompetent but one does wonder.
On Saturday, after 3 days of playing with Delta online, Mac booked us tickets to England, picked our seats and paid for the tickets.  When the e-mail confirmation came through the seats were wrong.  So yesterday Mac tried all day to call Delta, but their phones kept saying that due to the snow emergency they were unable to answer their phones.
Today, Monday, he finally got through to what sounded like a native English speaker, a wonder in of itself, and explained the problem.  The lady checked, they had the right seats, the ones Mac had selected, and said they would send us a new confirmation.  And they did, with the same wrong seats.  Mac says he'll call again tomorrow.  And I'm thinking, do I really want to fly with people this incompetent?


  1. England! nice...that would be the trip of a life time for me. Hope you get the seats worked out.

  2. I think we've sorted it, but won't really know until we get to the airport.
    Love England, have been many times, think I must have been English in another lifestime.


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