Monday, February 1, 2010

Return to the Library, Not the Future

Well I've been slaving (am I allowed to use that word?) away upstairs in the library and I'm beat.  I knew putting the library together in some sort of order would not be easy, but I had no idea how backbreakingly hard it would be.  I keep  ferrying books back and forth between 3 rooms trying to figure out some genre to sort them into.   Authors like P.G. Wodehouse, Stephan King, Jane Austen (though she refused to be shelved next to Mr. King), Fred Archer and Beverley Nichols were all easy.  But where do I put walking and travel commentary?  Under walk books?  Or with books about that specific country?  Do I put all the  archeology books together or separate them  by country?  I finally decided to separate travel guides, walking books and archeology by country.  So I have 2 shelves full of Austrian, Spanish, Greek, Mediterranean, Egyptian, Turkish, German and assorted other walking books, tour guides, travel commentary, food books, but not cookbooks and archeology.  All the English walk books, travel commentary, archeology, and antiques and collectibles  are by themselves because there are so many of them.  I'm still not quite sure about biographies; should they be put into the  countries the people came from or form a section of their own?
I've got most of the science books together covering subjects from insects to birds, to astronomy,  to home aquariums,  to clouds,  to the development of the screw.
I need to find some place to stick the Georgia books so they're all together and there are a few generic American books so it may become an American section..  I really need about one more bookcase but I don't have anywhere to put it.
Anyway it's almost done, except for the over-sized books taking up floor space in the white bedroom closet.  I guess I'll find some way to sort them, but it will probably be by size not subject matter.
When it's all sorted I need to make a master list so we'll know what we have, I found duplicates of more than one book and I'd like to avoid  doing that any more.  Have also found several books I'd forgotten I owned, including a 1901 copy of Sense and Sensibility.
Now  guess what came in the mail today . . . books from Amazon.

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