Monday, February 22, 2010


Watched Nature on PBS last night about new species being introduced into Florida either by owners who no longer want them or can't take care of them, so they simply take them out into the countryside and let them go or by "escaping" from exotic pet dealers.
These animals include parrots, macaws and other exotic birds, iguanas, Madagascar geckos, and more distessing, Burmese Pythons, Nile Monitor Lizards, and other, large unwanted snakes.  The authorities are making a concentrated effort to get the Pythons out of the Everglades to protect the endangered species there, but freely admit that they will not be able to stop their spread because, in addition to owners releasing them into the wild, they're breeding in the wild.  What started as a problem with dozens of pythons is now one of thousands of them.  Near Miami they hold an amnesty day for people to turn in exotic pets they no lon
ger want and they got everything from Amazonian parrots, to Burmese Pythons to a Howler Monkey.  And the official running the program said that seeing what is being brought in he worries what is being released.
I worry about this because we live at the swampy end of Georgia and whatever there is in Florida eventually makes its way up here.  I can't even begin to picture a 16 foot python crossing the road, it's enough to deal with the alligators we already have.

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  1. Yes I've heard alot about this on tv lately. They say it going to get wrost. It's creepy those are some big snakes and yucky lizards.


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