Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In Search of the Elusive Ravioli

We've been spoiled!  Where we're from in California there is a restaurant, still sitting in the same quonset  hut its been occupying since shortly after World War II, named Banchero's.  They serve the best Italian food in the world, trust me, I've been to Italy numerous times and have yet to find a restaurant that comes anywhere near it.  I've eaten Italian food all over the United States and though we found a pretty good Italian restaurant in Anaheim it still wasn't  as good as  Banchero's.
Every meal served there starts with a bowl of soup, if you're a crowd it's a big bowl, then an Italian salad, followed by  hor'dourves , followed by plates of spaghetti and raviolis, then you get your main course.  It's heavenly, particularly the raviolis, they melt in your mouth.  They're small and full of meat sauce, not cheese.  Cheese raviolis are ok, unless you've tasted Banchero's meat raviolis, and then there is no comparison.
Don't tell me about the Olive Garden or other chain restaurants, it's just not the same.  You need a place where the food, and its smells, have sunk into the walls, and when you walk in, take a sniff, you know you're going to be eating good Italian food.
So we're going out for Italian today, we're going to The Upper Crust, a local place, it's not Bancheros, but it's good, just wish they had meat raviolis!

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