Thursday, February 18, 2010

Raviolis Redux

It's ravioli time, no more putting it off, it's time to haul out the pasta machine and roll out the pasta.  I'm making a meat sauce to put in them, I'm not a big cheese freak and prefer it in small doses, I'll put some in the meat sauce but I don't want to stuff the ravs with it.
Mac is going to help me roll out the pasta, I've decided it's a two person or 4 hand job, whichever you happen to have.  My ravs get better each time I make them.  The first time they were too tough, last time they weren't tough but fell apart in the water.  I'm going to make them a bit bigger so there's more room for stuffing.
Fingers crossed, and just in case, I'm making spaghetti to go with it.

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