Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

When I asked Mac what he wanted to eat on Father's Day he didn't hesitate a second, he wanted shrimp.
We're very lucky living where we do, fresh Georgia shrimp is available year round, in fact sometimes we go shrimping ourselves about 5 minutes from the house.  Though we never catch a lot and they're not very big,  they're fun to catch.  We usually get them when we're crabbing, the local blue crabs are easy to catch and taste wonderful.
But  for today's dinner we stopped at a local seafood shop and bought a pound and a half of fresh shrimp.  To cook them I simply heated up some olive oil, threw in some chopped garlic and the shrimp, then sauted them until the shrimp turned pink.  I served them with a green bean and tomato salad made with veggies from our garden.  Mac said it tasted even better than it looked and smelled.   And it did.

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