Friday, June 11, 2010

Hot, Hot Hot!

Yes I know Georgia is supposed to be hot in summer.  But it isn't summer yet, we still have another 10 days of spring.  The temperatures have been in the low 90's for days and are expected to go up to the mid to upper 90's over the weekend, with heat indexes (that means what it really feels like when you add in the humidity) to over a 100.
Spring started off so well, we were making lots of day trips and planning more when this hit.  We kept thinking it'd break, that a good rain would come and cool us off.  But that hasn't happened, oh we've had rain but it has just made it stickier.
We do a 2 mile walk through our neighborhood each day and try to get it done in the morning.  But it has gotten so hot so early, it's supposed to be 90 by noon today, that I have started putting my swim suit on as soon as I get up so that when we're through with the walk I can jump in the pool and cool off.
The weeds in the garden are laughing at me, not the least slowed down or wilted by the heat.  I try to spend at least 15-20 minutes out there each morning, but it's getting harder each day.
Mac takes Miss Kitty out on her leash each day and tries to get her out before it's too hot, she then comes in and melts under a fan.
We try to go as long as we can without turning on the air conditioning because I object to giving my life savings to the electric company, though we are lucky,  we get our electricity from an electric coop--that means they're not allowed to make a profit or if they do it gets returned to the owners/consumers, that's us.  And we actually did get money back from them one time, I simply endorsed the check and sent it back to them to pay the next month's bill.  But I digress, because it's hot and I have to clean the computer room and I'm too Scrooge McDucklike to turn the air conditioner on.

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  1. We have just over a week until our mid summer and the longest day. We've been lucky in that we've had rains and a fair amount of sun, but a bit more wouldn't go amiss!! Spring was such a long time coming this year and the summer is half over. Keep cool Janet!!!


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