Friday, June 4, 2010


When it's a hundred degrees outside and the sweat is pouring into my eyes, when I'm digging into the soil and Deer Fly are using me for a banquet, when half my flowers rot and I have to replace them, when deer stop by and have a feast, I wonder why I bother with a garden at at.  And then the Hydrangeas bloom and I know why.


  1. You don't make gardening in Georgia sound a very attractive proposition:) The hydrangeas are beautiful though.

  2. We had an errand in the next county today and noted the blue hydrangeas in many yards. The ones here are thus far a green/white with pale lavender/blue edges. I'm rather hoping they stay in that coloration. I hope flowers here don't sog up and rot or I'm in for disillusionment with southern gardening!

  3. Gardening in the South has its challenges, but it's still rewarding. So far the rains haven't been too bad, our problem is that we live in reclaimed swampland, we're very near the coast so the watertable is very high and too much rain can be a real problem. We had a subtropical storm go through one year and drop 14 inches of rain in a day.

  4. The hydrangeas are beautiful!


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