Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Learned My Lesson

We live in a rural area with a rural mail carrier who performs many of the functions of a post office.  For instance I can buy stamps from her or  get mail boxes, I simply put a post office envelope in the mail box with a check and indicate what I need in the way of stamps etc.  Except at Christmas time I never specify what kind of stamps I want ( you know cute kitties, flags of the world, Elvis) just using whatever she leaves me.
Well last week I turned in my envelope and what to my dismay did she leave me, Simpsons stamps.  They're hideous, I''m embarrassed every time I put them on an envelope.  I can only imagine they have a ton of them because I can't imagine anyone saying," Oh, I need two rolls of Simpsons stamps, they're so cute."
I will use them up because I'm too cheap not to, but next time I'll specify what kind of stamps I want.

1 comment:

  1. They are a bit in your face aren't they!! I would have posted them to my daughter for her to use. We play safe here and stick to the Queen!


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