Sunday, June 27, 2010


Even though our house is relatively new I think it has a poltergeist.  When we first moved in we kept hearing strange sounds from upstairs, and because there are only 2 of us we knew no one was up there.  We'd go and look and of course there was no one there.  Then after awhile when we'd hear a crash from upstairs we'd go and find a shelf down or some of my antique cups on the ground, it got really spooky.
Now a poltergeist, from the German poltern for knock or rumble and geist for spirit, is thought to be a manifestation of a mischievous or sometimes malevolent spirit sometimes connected with a child or adolescent.  Well there are no children living here but there use to be 3 teenagers, 2 of whom had there rooms upstairs.
After a while the sounds and the damage stopped .  Then last week we began finding the door to the attic open and neither of us had been near it, and then a couple of days ago a shelf came down in the pub and stuff was thrown on the floor, luckily it was pewter mugs and not china ones.  I'm getting nervous.


  1. You should call that show, Ghost Hunters!

  2. I'm not surprised that you're getting nervous - I would be too!


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