Thursday, June 10, 2010

Buddleias and Butterflies

They don't call it a Butterfly Bush for nothing.  Our purple Buddleia is in full bloom and the butterflies love it.  The bigger butterflies like Swallowtails do fine on it, but little Skippers get so drunk on pollen they fall in the pool and drown if I don't find them quick enough.
The only other plant the butterflies like as well is the Lantana, it too is always covered with them.


  1. Its fascinating to read about other wild life and flowers in another country, buddhelias have finished here in England, and I'm sure our butterflies are not so exotic. AND we don't have crocodiles in our rivers and lakes thank goodness ;)

  2. Our Buddleias are just starting back into growth. Won't have flowers for a couple of months yet though and I guess our butterflies are different but no less exotic if you are not used to seeing them. Always a delight.

  3. My buddleias aren't in flower yet - I planted eight in memory of special people, and a dog, especially to attract butterflies. Exmoor has seen the return of the Heath Fritillary recently; also in the vein of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the analogy of butterflies being the souls of the departed.


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