Monday, June 28, 2010

Cruising Down the Road

Well we were cruising down the road Friday night, heading out to go dancing.  We were flying along at 55 when the car died, just died, no snap, crackle, pop, nothing, it just died.   Luckily we weren't on the freeway yet so we were able to coast over to the side of the road.  Mac popped the hood, tried to start it up and though it tried, it wouldn't  catch, just kept turning over.
We don't always remember to throw the cell phone in the car, we don't carry it every where, hate the the damn thing, but just as we had walked out the door Mac had asked if I had it and I'd grabbed it and put it in the glove compartment.  So he called our insurance people who provide roadside service for us and after being put on hold, listening to bad music, listening to some guy who mumbled about, he finally got to talk to a human who said they'd order a tow-truck for us, but that the nearest one was 60 miles away and that it would be at least an hour.  Now I'll grant you we live out in the sticks, but not that far, we're only about 12 miles from Savannah and I couldn't believe there was no tow-truck closer, but at least someone was coming.
In the meantime a young couple in a pick-up truck stopped  to see if we needed help and gave Mac a ride back to our house to pick up our other car.  In time the tow-truck showed up, he quickly loaded our little Miata up and we had him take it to our local mechanic, they were closed of course but we wrote them a note, wrapped it around the key and dropped it in their nightbox.
Saturday we went back signed a work order and hoped they'd find something cheap wrong with it.  Today they called and said there was a short in the electrical system that led to the fuel system.  No estimate yet, hopefully it'll be done by tomorrow and we'll have our car back so that this Friday night we can again cruise on down the road.


  1. I can't believe you drive an MX-5!! Ok so you call it a Miata but it's the same difference. Small world. You'll see loads of posts on my blog for MX-5 as we used to be the Area Coordinators of the Owners Club. Well well ... :-) Hope it all gets sorted and you have it back on the road soon.

  2. Not the greatest start to your evening out! Hope you finally got to the dance and enjoyed yourselves.


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