Monday, June 14, 2010

Not Senile Yet, But It's Getting Closer

We went shopping Saturday, something I hate to do, much preferring to do it online.  But from time to time local shopping has to be done.  So even though is was 11ty million degrees outside I cleaned up, changed clothes and headed out with Mac.  As we got out of the car  at the Mall I looked down at my feet and what did I see (besides my knobby feet)?  I saw my old, beat up, water logged slides that I wear when I get out of the pool.  I never wear them in public, how had I missed them when I was getting dressed?
It very much reminded me of an incident when I was in college,  which wasn't all that long ago because it took me 20 years to finish--but that's another story, when I woke up one morning, got ready for class, drove off to school, pulled into the parking lot, looked down at my feet and noticed that my two shoes didn't match, weren't even close.  So I pulled out of the parking lot,  hit a local department store and picked up a cheap pair of shoes--cheap because I probably had 20 pair laying in the closet at home.
Saturday Mac was very understanding, didn't even wait for me to say I couldn't wear the groaty shoes I had on and took me to a shoe store where I picked up a pretty pair of not so cheap summer sandals.
Getting forgetful can be expensive, but I'm not completely senile yet.

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  1. Oh how funny! At least you got a new pair of shoes out of it. I once went out without my earrings and managed to get a nice pair of silver ones from Mike. Well I couldn't have bare ears could I ??!! LOL x


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