Friday, April 8, 2011

New Bathroom Floors

Love the Floors
The tile is down, the grout is in, now all we need is quarter round for the baseboards and something to  connect all the doorways.  One bathroom has 2 doors and the other has 3!  Talk about easy access.
That only leaves painting the tub room in between them and new counter tops cause Lordy the old ones look really bad, I mean they were ugly to begin with ( the contractor who built this place---do you hear me Joe? didn't waste any money on the kitchen or the bathrooms here) and now they have to go.  I'm hoping we can get out next week to visit a couple of places that sell granite remnants (kind of like material I guess) and if they'll cut for us, and the price isn't too bad then that's what we'll do.  If that's too expensive we may go with 18" granite tiles.  All I know for sure is that I want a fairly light color.

Hate the Counters and Faucets

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