Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My New Toy

And it's  a real cutie!  I'd played with the idea of getting a Kindle for a while, and started giving it serious thought after a big (1,000 pages or so) hardback book fell on my hand and bruised the heck out of me.  The Kindle has really gotten cheap, but having a single function toy didn't really make sense, so I talked to my tech savvy daughter and she said that I didn't need to wait for the price of i-pads to come down because there were  lots of pads and tablets out there that would do what I wanted, which is download books, surf the web, keep track of the weather when we travel and e-mail.  I don't download movies or play games so I didn't need one with a massive amount of  memory one.  So while talking on the phone we shopped together and decided on the g-Tablet.  I ordered it and took it up to her place this last weekend, because, as I said she's the techy in the family.  She set it up for me and I've been playing with it ever since.  I downloaded my first book in seconds, which is really scary because I spend money on books fast enough anyway!  But so far I'm very, very happy with it.


  1. so how do you get internet for this, does it connect to free wi fi like in a resturant or library? or did you get interent with your cell phone? I don't like bananas from our trees, hubby eats them, i like the big nice bought ones. but i do love the trees. we had them in GA also.

  2. Sandra, it connects through wifi and is so simple to use.


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