Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

The weeks do fly by  when you're having fun.  Before we retired we wondered if we'd get bored,  but found out we don't have time to get bored.  The weather has been beautiful this week, a wee bit hot, but beautiful blue skies.  My garden looks wonderful it's really starting to fill in, it has taken years to find the right perennials for this area because even those sold for zone 9 don't always do well here, and then we can have a freezing cold winter and lose plants that aren't use to a cold winter.  I lost all of my Hibiscus this winter even though we covered them.  We've replaced the one on the porch with a peach colored one and I'm loving the color.
Doctor's appointments ate up part of the week, we will not talk about the wicked spider bite, and just trying to keep up with the house when the yard is calling took another chunk.    I've been pulling out what I call bind weed, I don't know what it really is, just that it spreads under the grass and chokes it out.  I don't use chemical sprays, too many good critters might be harmed by it, plus I love pulling the buggers out by their little roots, so satisfying!  Wouldn't it be nice if we could pull anything that annoyed us out by their roots!
Today we looked out at the lawn and there were dozens of small holes where an opossum had been rooting for grubs, definitely time for Mac to get the trap out.  He baits it with cat food, and yes we've caught a cat or two in it, and when he catches an opossum he lets it go down in the state park, hoping he's not breaking up a happy family.  They're not the most attractive animals in the world and he says they really smell bad!
Lamb shank bubbling away in the kitchen, laundry to be folded, need to snatch a few minutes to play piano and then watch the last round of the Masters from Augusta.

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