Friday, April 15, 2011

Tybee Island

The Pavillion at Tybee Beach
Made it to Tybee yesterday for a beautiful day in the sun. We were out on the fishing pier but  the fishing wasn't too good, I blamed it on the fact that the tide was out, but Mac managed to catch 4 whiting and I caught 2.  No one else fishing caught anything so I guess we were lucky to catch anything, even if they were small.  After all it's the thrill of the hunt.   We strictly do catch and release and as  most of the the fish we caught were rather small they definitely needed to do some serious growing!
 I love Tybee beach, you can walk for miles on it and except for holidays and the dead of summer it's never crowded.
We ended up at the Crab Trap for lunch but that's probably our last trip there.  The setting is so pretty but the food  is  so blah and over-priced.  How can fresh shrimp be blah, I don't know, but they were.

Tybee Beach

Largest Fish We Caught

Water View at the Crab Trap

Hope to make it back out to Tybee  before summer comes and it gets too hot.

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