Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The "Eyes" Have It

There will be no photos with this blog because what's going on ain't pretty.  I have lovely blue eyes. if I do say so myself, but they've never been one of my stronger assets.  I was born with amblyopia which means that one of my eyes has so much stronger vision that basically my brain ignores the input from the other eye, so I do not have binocular vision.  No 3-D for me.  Everything was tried as a young child, patching the good eye, surgery to straighten the weak one, but to no avail.  I am very far-sighted, which would have been important if I were a  hunter but not so important in our modern world.  It also means I'm very clumsy because my glasses take near objects and make them appear further away which finds me tripping over a lot of things.
But through the years my eyes and I have gotten along fairly well.  I wore thick glasses until I was a teenager and then went around without them, tripping over many other things.    Got contact lens as an adult, still wore glasses much of the time, but eyewise life was ok, I could see, didn't miss binocular vision, got to wear just one contact, all was well.
Then a couple of years ago my optometrist notices signs of macular degeneration and sent me to a retina specialist and he said I'm showing some genetic predisposition to AMD, but no  signs of it yet, I get to see him every 6 months  so it can be monitored and each day I take my lutein capsules.
On my last visit, which still showed no further signs of the AMD they discovered elevated pressure in my "bad" eye.  I guess my eye decided that I wasn't go blind fast enough and decided to throw glaucoma into the mix.    They ran a bunch of tests and put me on drops to lower the pressure and had me come back in 3 weeks.  Well, the pressure was down, the glaucoma held at bay and I got a prescription for the drops that I'll get to use the rest of my life.
So my eyes weren't doing too well.  In addition to all this my allergies have been horrible this spring which means by eyes have been awful, itchy, runny and red.  Both my retina specialist and my primary care doctors have tried medication to make it better, and it was, a bit.  But  then last week it got awful, and I developed styes in both eyes.  So I threw out all eye drops (allergy, glaucoma, dry itchy eye drops), threw out my contact lens, lens case, contact solution and anything else that might come into contact with my eyes and began applying hot compresses.  Today it was no better so I knew it was time to see the doctor, and of course I knew mine wasn't available (he had to have surgery), but another doctor in his office fit me in, took one look at my eyes, carefully washed her hands and said I had a bacterial infection.  So I'm on steroidal/anabiotic drops for the next week and can't wear my contacts until I'm better.  And as I said, it ain't a pretty sight, but they're already feeling better, thank goodness.

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  1. Oh, what a combination of afflictions.
    I'm sorry to read this. Eyesight is so precious. I hope the infection is soon cleared up and the other issues can be dealt with.


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