Saturday, April 2, 2011


No, not listening to the DeadHeads, I've been out in the garden deadheading plants,  It's a beautiful day here, mid-70's and loads of sunshine so I decided to clean the garden up a bit before heading upstairs to fight with my sewing machine.  My thread keeps breaking and one of my friends suggests that it's the cheap Chinese thread that is the problem.  It's definitely cheap thread because I'm cheap, but as to whether China is the problem or how I'm threading the bobbin I couldn't say.  I could check the manual, having read a thrilling one this week, but I can't remember where I put it.
White Azaleas
Anyway, progress has been made, but I ran out of bias tape, so I must wait for that and the blue buttons I've ordered to get here.

My cat and I were working on the edging but she got bored with me and the rotary cutter and decided that rolling in the material would be much more interesting, so we had words, she resorted to violence, I had to lick, I mean clean my wounds and that was the end of the sewing for the day.
My Lemon Tree Smells Like Heaven


  1. hello, thank you for popping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

  2. I gave up on bargin thread many years ago--don't know why it fouls up a machine but it surely can.
    Is it possible that you've set the bobbin in with the thread coming off the wrong way? Mine has to pull off counter-clockwise--once in a while I do it wrong and immediately create a snarl.
    It doesn't do to have words with a cat--they know how to tell us off quite effectively.

  3. Sounds as though you had an interesting day:)Your weather sounds perfect and your garden is obviously much further on than mine.
    I'm not a sewer but would guess the thread might be the problem.

  4. Minion, I think you're right and I need to stop buying cheap thread, it's so frustrating, and I'll check which direction my thread is.
    Rowan, our weather has been really nice, fingers crossed that we have no late frosts as we sometimes do.
    Lyn thanks for stopping by.

  5. love that goregous "dead head" flower. just beautiful and that is quite a story about the licking of your wounds. have to go, i think I smell LEMON.... beautiful little plant
    I have friends in Richmond Hill and also friends in Midway, so they are probably close to where you are. on my website, blogs i follow if you click on Snapper II, he lives in Midway

  6. Sandra, Midway is about 10-12 miles from here, pass it on the freeway but have never been there

  7. we're a bit behind you up here in Kentucky, but I was just looking at our dianthus today and wondering about dividing it, where I'd put it, etc., whenever it gets warmer here. maybe next week. but good to have your reminder about deadheading, for that time'll come soon enough. thanks!


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