Sunday, February 19, 2012

He's Painting It!!!

Mac agreed to paint Sunday for me!  We went Thursday and bought the canvas, it's pretty big  24/36 inches, and he started on it today.  He has a great beginning.  When he finishes it I think I'm going to hang it over my piano.
This week's Header is a painting Mac did as his interpretation of a photo he saw in an English magazine and the one done with seashells is another interpretation.

The beginnings of Sunday


  1. I love that header painting and look forward to seeing Sunday when it's done.

  2. I love the window in the header paiting. I also liked Sunday when you showed it on a previous post. I look forward to seeing Mac's interpretation of it:)

  3. I am so pleased Sunday is being painted!

  4. I told you he would:) Look forward to seeing the finished painting.
    PS the verification words seem easier to read the last couple of days - wonder if someone has been reading all the complaints and done something about it?


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