Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Makes You Wonder

Mac was getting some new life insurance and we listed our daughter as the secondary beneficiary.  They needed his updated medical records, including, for the first time in his life, an HIV test--and he hates having blood tests.  All the paperwork was done, everything was approved and they sent us our copies and told us to look them over, so Mac did.  He noticed one small error, April Christine is not our son, you'd have thought someone at the insurance company might  have caught that one.  So new paperwork is on its way to us.
Our automobile insurance company has just sent us our new premium and it has gone up.  Because we've had tickets?  No.  Because we've had an accident?  No.  Because we drive a lot in a big city and do drag racing as a hobby?  No.  Because we've filed too many claims?  No.  It's because we're old, we've become a statistic.  Older people are involved in more accidents.  So even though we drive our 2 cars less than 10,000 miles a year, mainly in rural areas,  we now have to pay more for insurance.  Ain't getting old grand.


  1. I think a line needs to be drawn between old [hmm] and--really old--too old to be driving!
    Lovely paintings in your header. Mac is very talented.

  2. I agree with Morning's Minion - there's a big difference between being 65 and 85! I love those paintings in your new header especially the Well.


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