Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Morning Ramblings

Sitting here waiting for the Bug Man and he's an hour late!  If you live in the south you have a Bug Man, and he comes quarterly to spray the inside and outside of your house to keep it from turning into an Insectorium --made that word up I think.  The bug population here is horrendous and you have to fight them evert step of the way.  Doesn't matter how clean your house is, and I do try, you have critters creeping in from the outside.  So we're waiting and I'm not happy.
Great Super Bowl last night, really happy that the Giant won!  Usually enjoy the commercials a lot, but pretty much thought they were blah this year except for the Doritos.
This week's painting is only a few years old, Mac saw a photo similar to this in a local magazine and decided to paint his version of it.  The photo was taken in Charleston, South Carolina at an outdoor market.  Though pink and red are not my favorite colors I really like this painting, it hangs above the tv in the family room.


  1. Another nice painting from Mac. I didn't watch Superbowl this year but was sad that the Patriots didn't win. Having strong connections to New England we've always supported them.

  2. It's not the Patriots we dislike, it's their coach! New England is one of the few places I've never been, Mac has been to Boston but not me.

  3. Oh I LOVE pink and red together!!!
    She looks so typical of some ladies I know :) He is really talented.

  4. Love the painting, it's wonderful.

    Thanks for reminding me of one of the few advantages of freezing cold winter... (nog bugs)

  5. I like the painting too - a lot of character.

  6. A wise man here in France once told me to make sure that all gaps were filled, because "if they can get in, they will!"

    He was talking about insects...we ended up with a pine martin!


  7. Mac is a talented and versatile painter--how nice to have a rotation of interesting paintings to display.
    Thus far the worst insect invasion we've had in KY was a parade of ants who came to visit. In the garden its a different matter--didn't expect we've have to use so many pesticides to harvest a few veggies.


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