Friday, February 3, 2012

Greenhouse Special

Plants in Mac's greenhouse are really doing well this winter.  It's not a heated greenhouse, but this year that doesn't seem to matter, the weather has been running about 8 degrees above normal, so high 60's and low to mid 70's.
  He's going to have to transplant the tomatoes into pots soon, they're getting tall and crowded.  .  Our impatiens usually die in the winter here, but they're still going strong this year.  We also moved the Hibiscus into the greenhouse, usually we end up covering it in cold weather and last year we lost 2 even though we covered them.
 Everything is starting to leaf out here and the air is full of pollen  That's scary because winter is no where near over and I know we'll have a couple of freezes before it's through.  This weather makes me want to plant but I'll wait.  Put in a few bulbs this week but that's it.  I know other places are having  less than ideal weather and I feel for them, but this has been a great winter for us, so far.


  1. I'm praying that our plants don't get killed off this week.

    They're confused, it's been so mild here all winter that the fgrass and plants have strted growing...this week it really IS winter, -7 most days.

    Do hope the plants survive.


  2. The winter has been so mild here that things are blooming which really shouldn't yet. I hope the snow we're experiencing at the moment doesn't harm them.

  3. Winter finally caught up with us last week with sub zero temperatures and we had about three inches of snow overnight. It's pretty to look at but hopefully it will soon be gone.


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