Sunday, February 26, 2012


For the last couple of months we've been on a bit of a Poirot tear, watching a couple of episodes a week.  But ever so often the little grey cells need a break and we look for something a bit lighter.  Mac is a huge fan of P.G.Wodehouse and can quote all sorts of bits and bobs from his books.  He particularly likes his short stories and his golf stories.  We own all of the Jeeves and Wooster cds and watch them often, but sometimes we crave Wodehouse Playhouse  a set of cds that were originally made back in the 70's.  They cover many of the Mulliner stories and are an absolute hoot.  They starred John Alderton and Pauline Collins (Upstairs, Downstairs, Shirley Valentine) and they are wonderful.  John Alderton can play the most timid curate in one episode and in the next story be the most unctuous creature alive, while Pauline Collins steals every scene she's in.  A particular favorite of ours is when she plays a sweet, animal loving poetess who goes to stay at Tudsleigh Towers and being overwhelmed by all the blood sports going on finds herself writing a poem about the joys of potting a gnu.
If you've never seen these you should give them a try, they're a real treat.  We bought our copies years ago and Netflix carries the 3 series.


  1. What a fun post. I LOVE P.G. Wodehouse and admire his writing tremendously. Has Mac ever read his biography (Wodehouse: A Life)? It's very good.

    We go on Poirot jags too (also Miss Marple jags) in which we order up the entire sets from the library and just wallow in them for weeks at a time.

    I also enjoy the Wodehouse Playhouse series - the two actors are so versatile, as you say. And the Jeeves and Wooster series is simply inspired.

  2. Yes he has read the biography, he liked it very much. What a life he had. I've read a lot of his short stories, but Mac reads him like I eat chocolates for comfort food, meaning he's read some of them dozens of times and never gets tired.


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