Saturday, February 25, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow

No very well if you let your plants fall out of your cart and not realize it.  We went shopping last week for seed potatoes, and I was very disappointed that they had only Russet potatoes, no red ones, onion sets and garlic.  We also purchased tubs to plant them in and potting soil.  When Mac went looking for the plants he couldn't find them any where, not in the house, the garage, the greenhouse or the garden.  He finally found the receipt where he'd paid for everything and realized he hadn't paid for the veggies, some how they'd fallen out of his cart (they'd done this once and he'd noticed and put them back in) and never made it home with us.
Neither of us felt like going back and trying to get them again, especially since they didn't have the red potatoes I actually wanted, so I ordered online and hopefully they'll be here before too long.  The potatoes and onions did really well last year and we want to plant a lot more this year.  It feels so good going out in your garden and digging up your own food.

Most people here planted their potatoes this week so we'll be a bit behind, but that's ok, we'll still get them in.


  1. Mmmm, potatoes and garlic. We get them from a friend with a small organic farm. The taste of fresh potatoes is wonderful.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words with love from Anne x ( fellow garlic lover)


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