Saturday, February 18, 2012

Reasons You Might Want to Rethink Your Next Dental Visit

1.  Clive Barker. the author went into a 5 day coma, suffering Toxic Shock Syndrome,  after a routine dental cleaning.

2.  An Italian  woman caught Legionnaire's Disease from the water  in her dentist's office and died.

3.  A woman in Salt Lake City, Utah lost her home for an unpaid $68 dental bill, they auctioned her house off.

4.  My own dentist, or as I think of him--my former dentist, was arrested for using drugs, on himself, while treating patients.

I'm considering alternative dental options.


  1. Ouch. To improve the statistics - I survived my yearly check-up last week!

  2. Happily my dentist is brilliant, I've been with the same practice for 36 years now.

  3. I have always loved going to my dentist and my experiences have been great


  4. Just when I was trying to convince myself to make an appointment (I only go when something's wrong).

    Truly frightening stories. I'd be very interested in hearing of any alternatives you come up with.

  5. oh dear....I have a dental appointment on Monday!


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