Monday, February 27, 2012


She's not done, but oh she's  getting close.  I've ordered her frame, a coppery gold one.  Mac says he has a few details to finish (the roses in the vase, more shadowing), will let it set for a few days, and then he'll go back and put in any highlights that are needed.
This week's header started as a single painting, The Well, and when we  put it over the fireplace we realized it needed more to complete it so Mac did The Pump and The Watering Can.  He also added the fairies for me, can you spot them all, there are 2 that are easy to see and 8 teeny, tiny ones.


  1. It looks wonderful. Don't you love picking out frames?

    I don't know how I got used to Wisconsin winters, but I did. I actually like the cold weather - up to a point. But after 3 or 4 months of it I'm ready for spring.


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