Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Here Come Peter Cottontail

And many of his associates as it turned out.  I made a pair of Easter pillows to go on chairs in the entryway and then asked Mac if I didn't have some stuffed bunnies some where.  He, sniggering, said, "Yes, I think you have a few."

I already had the kitchen table set up, I knew where most of my small Easter things were, it was just the bunnies who were missing.  So it's beginning to look rather Eastery around the old homestead.


  1. I keep saying I'll decorate for other holidays than Christmas. Some day... How lucky your family is that you do.

  2. Those rabbits have a way of multiplying you know!
    Your table looks like mine today...all covered in bunnies and chicks!
    I love your antiques :)

  3. Lovely decorations for Easter. I've found out all my fluffy chicks and decorated eggs - I usually hang them from a twig amongst some spring flowers, I must get out into the garden to find one:)

  4. Hi, just found your sweet little blog via Thriftwood, will be following, you have some lovely Easter things! Julie xxx


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